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NFL 16 coins out the market requirements

Madden NFL hints and 16 recommendations for a better game

Madden NFL 16 is definitely a great game for lovers of American Football. Although game may appear a bit bit challenging read more...

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The dunks that are to Buy NBA 2K16 power leveling

Guide to creating a huge Our Job participant in NBA 2K16

You have to know the right path round the discipline although you may spend time residing in a stereotypic read more...

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Improving Your Madden 16 Game Play With Top Techniques

Madden 16 is a game for everyone - from newbies to experts. Newbies might find it a little frustrating sometimes. (read more...

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Welcome to my blog

Hello, everyone, my name is Philipe. I am from Korea but have been in the United States for almost five years. I love this place and hope to make more friends. By the way, I am a crazy game player. I spend al read more...